Laser Eye Surgery – 5 Significant Advantages

Here are 5 Significant Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery!

Introduction: Everyone Wants Clear Vision!

Everyone wants to be able to see their environment, friends, and family clearly. Hardly anyone wishes they had poor vision but the opposite is true, nobody wants a blurry vision. This is why many people wear eye glasses and contact lenses to correct their vision so that they are able to see clearly. Wearing eye glasses and contact lenses have been useful for a very long time for many people but in our modern society we have another option! This is called laser eye surgery.

Laser eye surgery comes in different types of forms such as LASIK, which is the most common eye surgery. Let us see what the general benefits are for this potentially life changing moment in a person’s life!

1. Vision Improvement for Most Patients

Laser eye surgery has been available for many years now and the technique has improved drastically. More doctors have been able to perform it and a lot of people have greatly improved their vision because of this technological advancement. Many studies have shown that more than 95% of patients who receive some type laser eye surgery (LASIK) achieve at least 20/40 and more than 85% of patients achieve 20/20 vision (perfect vision). This is great news!

2. Eye Sight is Fixed Nearly Immediately

Laser eye surgery will only require a few moments with the doctor depending on the severity of the correction needed. Most patients have their vision corrected immediately, though they may need some additional rest time to ensure healing. The common misconception that it takes months to fully recover from laser eye surgery is not true for most people. Although there may be exceptions, most people have their vision with laser eye surgery nearly immediately.

3. No More Glasses

Patients who decide to decide to have this surgery, whether its LASIK or another form of it, will no longer need to depend and rely on glasses. Their dependence on prescription glasses is no longer needed and they have more freedom to do what they want to do without glasses. For example, people who want to go on an adventure or swim no longer will need to depend on glasses to obstruct their freedom.

4. No Longer Need Contact Lenses

People who wear contact lenses and decide to get surgery no longer need to depend on contact lenses. People do not need to wake up every morning and insert contact lenses anymore. They do not have to worry about taking the contact lenses off at night and no longer have the concern of buying new contact lenses every month. They also do not need to buy and refill their contact solution. Also, people who wear contact lenses are more vulnerable to getting infections because they may have bacteria on their fingers when they touch their eyes. After receiving this eye correction they no longer have to worry about infections as well.

5. There’s No Pain

When patients decide to have laser eye surgery they may worry about any pain that will come with it. But many people have completed their laser eye surgery without any pain or issues. Although the eyes may be sensitive after the surgery, it is normal, and it will disappear after a few hours.



(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

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