Antidepressants – 7 Important Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Antidepressant Medicine:

Antidepressant medicines are used to treat people suffering from extreme depression, social anxiety, and also chronic pain in some patients. There are a lot of medicines that are used for this purpose. All of these medicines have one thing in common, they help the muscles relax, lower the pain and anxiety. But there are a lot of side-effects of these medicines and there is an ongoing debate about their use. These are not permanent cures to these problems but can make a person become addicted to the use of these medicines. Below are a few pros and cons of these medicines.

Pros of the antidepressant medicines:

Here are a few pros of antidepressant medicines.

  • Help in depression treatment: These medicines are mostly used to treat patients that are suffering from anxiety, depression, social dilemma, or any mental condition that is restricting their ability to properly enjoy life. These medicines provide relief to such patients. These also help treat patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as well.
  • Help relieve chronic pain: There are a lot of patients that are suffering from chronic pain that can not be treated using any medicines, these patients are given these anti-depressant medicines. This helps relieves the pain in these patients.
  • Help create emotional balance: Most people lose their emotional balance at some point in their life. This leads them to chronic depression and other psychological problems. These patients are treated with the help of these anti-depressant medicines. These medicines release serotonin that helps create this balance inside the human mind.
  • Helps in sleeping: A lot of people also take these medicines as they help people suffering from different diseases sleep. People suffering from anxiety mostly cannot sleep properly and these medicines help them sleep.

Cons of the anti-depressant medicines:

Here are a few cons of anti-depressant medicines.

  • Addictive: these medicines are highly addictive medicines and the patients that once start using these medicines become more and more reliant on these medications. They cannot live without these. This addiction problem is very serious as the person that started using these cannot stop using these.
  • sexual dysfunction: These medicines can cause sexual dysfunction in the patients taking these medicines. As the level of serotonin rises in the human body, it makes our muscles relax but it also causes the human brain to give up the sexual desire. This less sexual desire results in sexual dysfunction in the patients.
  • Other side effects: There are several other side effects of these medicines such as they can cause suicidal thoughts in the patients taking these medicines. They can also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other stomach problems as well. These side effects in some patients are short term but can also last longer in other patients. Patients that stop using these medicines can no longer properly sleep and this can induce anxiety and depression once again to these patients.

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