Assisted Suicide – 8 Important Pros & Cons


Assisted Suicide – 8 Important Pros & Cons: There are a lot of people suffering from acute and chronic problems that cannot be treated and their life is extremely painful. These people can never recover from their diseases or conditions and that is why they want to end their life. But it is not possible for these people to end their life. These people have this option so that they can die with dignity and get rid of their diseases or pain they were suffering from.

This is considered illegal in most parts of the world but in some countries, people can apply for assisted suicide or assist in dying. Once their application is accepted, a physician helps these patients die peacefully. There is a lot of debate about this controversial topic where people talk about its merits and demerits. Below are a few pros and cons of the assisted suicide.


Pros of Assisted Suicide:

Here are a few pros of the assisted suicide.

1. Respecting the Choice

Respecting one’s personal choice is one of the pros of assisted suicide. By allowing the assisted suicide or death, we are actually respecting that patient’s personal choice. Everyone is free to decide if they want to end their life when they are extremely sick.

2. Relief from One’s Sufferings

A person that was alive but was suffering from a lot of chronic pain and irrecoverable conditions, will get relief from this suffering once he is dead. Death was his only escape from these sufferings but when natural death would occur is not know, assisted suicide helps such people get rid of their sufferings.

3. Death with Dignity

In some cases, patients want to die with dignity in their own bed without being forced to live forever a life of misery. This is an easy way for such patients to die with dignity.

4. Painless Death

This is an easy and painless process. It is also a very quick procedure. So the person that wants to die using assisted suicide will not suffer any longer.


Cons of Assisted Suicide:

Here are a few cons of the assisted suicide.

1. Suicide Contagion

The assisted suicide can suicide contagion, meaning that there will come a time when everyone will have suicidal thoughts and people would look for assisted suicide everywhere to end their lives. Even people with no acute illness would also look for assisted suicide.

2. Religiously Banned

In most religions, assisted suicide is banned. Assisted suicide in many religions is considered a sin, and communities do not allow assisted suicide.

3. Legal Issues

There are a lot of legal issues if anyone wants an assisted suicide. Assisted suicide requires permission from the local courts in this matter in most of the areas. Also, in some countries, it is permanently banned.

4. Depression and Stress

The assisted suicide has the ability to induce depression and stress in that person and also the people around that person such as close relatives might take extreme stress due to this decision of their loved one.


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