Baby After 35 Years Old – 8 Significant Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of having a baby after 35

Having a child is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life. Children are a blessing, and everyone wants this blessing in their lives. But many couples decide to have a baby after their career has settled. So, in this condition, there are many advantages and disadvantages of having a child after 35.

For a woman, motherhood marks the beginning of a life-changing adventure. Every couple’s ambition is to become proud parents and bring a new life into the world. Couples may opt to postpone childbearing due to a variety of factors such as profession, ambition, financial insecurity, or even severe health issues. If you want to get pregnant in your late 30s, you may face difficulties due to the biological clock. We will go through the variables you should consider while trying to conceive later in life.

Women are now opting to have children later in life. The reason for this is because they believe they have a timetable in their professions and want to complete it before becoming mothers, as becoming mothers would result in a permanent stop in their careers. Furthermore, many couples believe that they want to reach financial security and emotional maturity before bringing another life into the world. Procreating using your eggs may provide difficulties if you are beyond the age of 30. So, if you intend to postpone the pregnancy, it is a good idea to visit a fertility professional and discuss your alternatives.

Let me explain all the pros and cons of having a baby after the age of 35.

Pros and benefits:

Following are the advantages of being a mother after the age of 35. So, let me explain them.

1-Older mothers are settled in their careers:

As we all know that after the age of 35, everyone has done with the establishment of their careers. So, many couples decide to have a baby after this age. This age is beneficial for many mothers to take responsibility for their baby. They can take care of their baby with full attention and with full management.

2-In this age, mothers can survive with the anxiety of raising a child:

Many younger mothers feel difficulty bearing the pains of having a child. But the mothers of 35 or older than that can survive with full of maturity. They have more maturity to sustain the stress of raising a child.

3-Chances of breast cancer are reduced:

Older mothers breastfeed their babies, due to that reason, the chances of breast cancer are decreased. Many younger mothers don’t feed their children, so, they become the victim of breast cancer. Older mothers are protected from breast cancer.

4-Older mothers live longer than others:

The mothers who conceive a pregnancy after 35 have chances to live longer than younger mothers. It is biologically estimated that older mothers live a long life than mothers lower than 35.

5-Babies born to older mother are more intelligent:

Children who are born to mothers more than 35 are more intelligent, and they tend to do better in their ability tests. Children of older mothers are more hardworking and intelligent.

Cons or disadvantages:

In addition to the pros, there are also cons of being a mother after the age of 35. Following are the cons of having a baby after 35.

1-A child born to older mothers are more likely to have diabetes:

Children born to more than 40 years old mother have more chances to develop diabetes than the children of the mother of 20 years. The reason is that after this age, mothers may develop many complications during their pregnancies.

2-Older mothers can have a baby with a genetic defect:

Many mothers are older than 35 born to babies who are a victim of some genetic defect such as Downs syndrome or some other. There are one in a hundred children who can survive with this condition.

3-Mothers of this age may have developed many complications:

Older mothers have developed many complications during pregnancy and after this. They need some extra nutrition to survive these conditions.


According to the above explanation, there are many advantages and disadvantages of being a mother after the age of 35. If you are one of the couples, who want to have a child after the age of 35, you must keep all the pros and cons in your mind.






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