General Motors (GM) Launches EV600 Electric Van in CES 2021

GM has announced BrightDrop – GM’s initiative to offer a full ecosystem of electric products, including a new electric van.

GM has announced BrightDrop – GM’s initiative to offer a full ecosystem of electric products, including a new electric van (EV600). They look to deliver 500 electric vans to FedEx by end of the year. BrightDrop is a transformational strategy that looks to provide products and services that eliminate problems between in logistics and delivery services.

In an effort to compete against Rivian (AMAZON) and nudge their way into the electric vehicle sector, GM has announced the release of EV600. It boasts a range of 250 miles on a full charge of its battery pack with more than 600 cubic feet of cargo space.

GM Reveals EP1 the Self-Propelled Transport Pallet

Moreover, GM looks to take ground on the logistics and delivery service. BrightDrop offers a “smarter way to deliver goods and services” for delivery and logistics companies such as FedEx as CEO Barra delivered her keynote address.

With the door-to-door delivery service increasing, this  is a competitive step for GM. Not only will it offer a new electric van system they will also provide an electric parcel that takes packages from the warehouse to the van and from the van to the lobby – eliminating the need for the human interaction and intricacies between warehouse to the lobby. The revealing of EP1, the self-propelled transport pallet is designed to ease delivery personnel.

GM Tests Their New Initiative with FedEx

GM believes that the logistics and delivery business has significant growth opportunities. How much growth? They’re looking at upwards of $850 billion worth of growth in the next 5 years. This was obviously expediated by the need for delivery in a, now, more remote and delivery friendly business world.

GM Will Maintain FedEx Partnership

Moreover, in its pilot testing program with FedEx, it found that their parcel carrier’s personnel took on 25% of additional load all the while reducing the physical strain and stress that in moving around parcel. FedEx is looking to continue their partnership with GM, especially as their first EV600 customer. In fact, they will be delivering their first 500 EV600 vans toward later in the year. GM is looking to open up their electric van and parcel services to a wider client base in 2022.

Entering the Future of Logistics and Delivery Services

GM believes that these two new battery-powered machines will provide logistics clients to lower their costs, boost productivity, improve security while committing to sustainable energy as electric vehicles do not contribute directly to climate change. More details regarding their new venture will be provided on a later date.

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