Guide – How to Fatten Up Your Girlfriend

There are many reasons as to why you would want to increase the weight of your girlfriend. Fattening your girlfriend could actually be helpful if she is too skinny and/or weak. Here we discuss ways to fatten and bulk up your girlfriend. Not all people want to lose weight, in fact, there are people who actually need to gain weight. This may be due to image issue or even health related issues! Some people have fast metabolism and/or a body weight that is not healthy.

Why do so many people want to lose weight?

Your girlfriend might be too thin for you. In this post, I’ll show you the simplest and healthiest ways to naturally fatten up your girlfriend.


10 Methods to Fatten Girlfriend

1. Restrict her mobility.

Sedentary is associated with weight gain, according to studies. So, if you want to naturally fatten up your girlfriend, allow her to sit in one place. Do not allow her to exercise. Instead, suggest some work that will keep her in one place for an extended period of time. You can do all of the heavy lifting and grocery shopping so she can relax on the sofa.

2. Butter and Olive oil.

Encourage her to go as fast as she can with butter. She may eat it with bread or doughnuts. Olive oil can also be used to fatten up your girlfriend. Simply note to use the correct fats for the dish. Eggs, bread, pasta, fruit smoothies… everything you might think of.


This is the final result. Give her 1–2 lbs of bacon every day, and she’ll get fatter faster than you think. Bacon is made from a variety of meat cuts, most commonly the pork belly or back cuts. Couples that share a love of bacon tend to remain together!

4. Make pizza and ice cream for her breakfast

Pizza is delicious, but it is high in fat, refined carbohydrates, and calories. The same can be said for ice cream. These foods would undoubtedly provide her with extra calories, causing her to gain weight.

5. Feed her fast food for lunch

Most fast food includes a lot of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. This means she’ll be consuming a lot of calories in the form of fast food, which will contribute to weight gain. Easy foods to binge on include: Pizza, Pasta, Chinese Food & Ice Cream.

6. Just before she goes to bed, serve her a big plate of Spaghetti.

Despite the fact that a study showed that pasta alone did not lead to weight gain or a rise in body fat, a large plate right before she goes to bed would undoubtedly pattern her. Her metabolism is slow when she sleeps, so she will not be able to burn any more calories than she does during the day.

7. Fried foods.

Yes, eating fast food everyday may be disgusting. Several studies have found a correlation between consuming friend food and weight gain. Potato chips, like French fries, are high in sugar, processed carbohydrates, and salt. These are the foods that are most likely to induce weight gain.

8. Allow her to eat during the day.

Simply feed her constantly and encourage her to sleep often, and watch the magic happen in 2 to 3 months. And if you don’t diet or exercise, just eating nutritious foods will fatten her up for you.

9. Get married to her

If you marry her, she will inevitably begin to gain weight. This is true; many hormonal and behavioral changes occur in a woman after marriage, causing her to gain weight quickly.

10. Get her pregnant

Do you really want to put on weight for your girlfriend? If so, get her pregnant; she’ll never be the same again. Okay – so this one is a bit ridiculous but it works! Pregnant woman gain weight.

11. Protein Powder

Buy protein powder and put in her meals. You shouldn’t do this in secret though, let her know that you are putting it in to help her. She can have allergic reactions, etc.

12. Lift Heavy Weights

This may increase her appetite for food and may bulk her up.



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