Implant Birth Control – 6 Shocking Advantages & Disadvantages

The implant birth control is a rod that releases hormones in the body to prevent pregnancy. It is a tiny thin rod that is usually inserted into the arms. The implant birth control is also known as Nexplanon. Implant birth control is also known as contraceptive implants.

Though this method is not very popular, it is growing over time. Women who do not want to deal with pregnancy usually prefer this approach. However, it is not a permanent solution to avoid pregnancy.

It can only prevent birth control for a few years. Once the implant is removed, the pregnancy of chances become high. Further, some people think that implant birth control also prevents infections like STDs, which is not true.

Before taking the birth control implant, you should contact some specialists. After conducting a physical exam, the doctor will let you know whether you should go for the implant or not. Further, the implant process is painless. You will not feel any pain while doing the birth implant.

However, you may feel body pain after it, which is one of its disadvantages. Additionally, there are many disadvantages and advantages of implant birth control that you will learn in this article.

Advantages of Implant Birth Control

There are a few advantages of implant birth control. Following are all the benefits that you will get with it.

1. Prevent Pregnancy

If you are among those who do not want to get pregnant, this might be advantageous for you. The implant birth control will block pregnancy chances for a few years. Though you will not have to deal with pregnancy, it is a temporary solution.

2. Reduce Acne

A few women have also noticed a reduction in acne because of implant birth control. In some cases, it may remove the acne from your face, resulting in a cleaner face. Hormones are also the cause of acne. As the birth control implant impacts your body’s hormones, resulting in a reduction of acne.

3. Fertility Returns

Some women think they will face pregnancy problems even after the birth control implant. Do not worry because its fertility returns once you remove the implant. The birth implant is only a temporary solution to avoid pregnancy for a few years. So, it does not cause a permanent fertility problem.

Disadvantages of Implant Birth Control

Following are some common disadvantages of implant birth control.

1. Body Pain

On using implant birth control, you will start feeling excessive body pain. Such type of body pain can be irritation and may disappear over time. This body pain may include headache, breast pain, pain in the arms, etc. Further, some people who have gone through implant birth control also complain about abdominal pain.

To minimize the pain caused by the implant, you may require taking a few medicines. Before taking any medicine, you should consult the doctor so that you can make the right decision in this regard.

2. Weight Gain

Weight gain is another common problem which you may encounter after weight gain. You may start noticing an increase in your body size after implant birth control. Not only body size, but it also increases body fat. The implant birth control also distributes the hormonal balance in your body, which usually causes weight gain.

3. Infection

Infection is also the cause of implant birth control. You may see an infection in your arm where the implant was inserted. However, this side effect will minimize after a few months.

Besides, implant birth control does not avoid STDs. The STDs can result in serious health issues. Additionally, implant birth control sometimes also results in irregular bleeding and amenorrhea.

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