8 Significant Instagram Pros and Cons in Social Media

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram

Instagram is among the most popular social media networks out there. Billions of people around the world are using Instagram. While keeping these facts in mind, numerous reasons are also available for people to start using Instagram. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent reasons that are tempting people to use Instagram and get the most out of it. Along with that, we will also deep dive and learn more about the disadvantages of Instagram.

Advantages of Instagram

1. Popularity Factor

According to statistical records, Instagram has more than one billion active users as of now. Therefore, any person has the ability to go viral with the help of Instagram. If you are a business owner, you will be able to promote your business to potential customers easily with the help of Instagram but if you are an individual, you can think about using Instagram to share your lifestyle with others. There are people who use Instagram for many other purposes, such as for shopping what they want and even for education. Since there is an excellent community around Instagram, it is possible for you to use the platform for anything you want.

51% of Instagram users are female. It is heavily popular in countries such as the United States, India, and Brazil. It has also been identified that around 60% of the people on Instagram tend to log into their accounts daily. Therefore, it has become the second most popular social media platform available to consider as of now.

2. Opportunity – Offers Great Opportunities to Develop User-Generated Content

As a social media network, Instagram is offering some outstanding opportunities for people to proceed with building user-generated content as well. They include images, videos, and even testimonials. Brands will be able to get the maximum opportunity out of this to take their branding efforts to greater heights.

People usually tend to trust the content that is shared on Instagram as well. For example, it has been identified that around 92% of people tend to trust services and products that they can see on Instagram. Therefore, a business might be able to use the content on Instagram to convince people to act as well.

3. Visual – Offers Visual Appeal

It is important for marketers to learn how to add visual appeal to their marketing campaigns. Instagram will be able to help them with it as well. That’s because Instagram is all about visual content. There is no space for textual content at all on Instagram. This will help the business owners to share content related to their brands and make them go viral. Promotional content that businesses share on Instagram will be able to help them to drive engagement in an effective manner.

4. Instagram Has An Appealing Interface

Even if you take a look at the interface of Instagram, you will notice it to be visually appealing. There’s nothing messy and slow on Instagram. You will appreciate how organized and near Instagram is. By comparing Instagram with Facebook, you will notice numerous differences. For example, Instagram is flooded with information. However, Instagram is not like that. You will not be able to discover a flood of information on this platform. Therefore, it is possible for people to arrange their content in the most efficient manner. This is the main reason why Instagram was able to become a popular photo-sharing platform within a short period of time as well.

Disadvantages of Instagram

1. Addiction – People Can Get Addicted to Instagram

If you are using Instagram for entertainment, there is a high possibility to get addicted to it. Since Instagram has billions of users, you will be able to find lots of useful content. It is even possible for you to keep on scrolling through the posts that you can see on Instagram throughout the day. Therefore, there is a risk of missing out on social life. You will get addicted to Instagram and you will only keep it for your entertainment.

2. Business – Conversion Rates is Low

Any person who wants to use Instagram for business promotions should keep in mind that the conversion rates are low. This is one of the biggest issues that some businesses have to deal with. However, you should understand that’s the way how Instagram is created. It is allowing people to take a look at content in a simple manner. However, it is quite difficult to tempt people to take action on Instagram.

3. Ads – Filled with Advertisements

As of now, Instagram is filled with advertisements. There is no possibility for a person who uses Instagram to browse the platform without taking a look at the advertisements. This can be inconvenient. You are logging into your Instagram account with the hope of taking a look at some interesting content. However, you will be disrupted by all the advertisements that appear on Instagram. In fact, you will be able to see advertisements in between every 2 to 5 stories or posts on Instagram.

4. Façade –  It Might Create the Need for People to Live a Fake Life

Not everything that you can see on social media is true. There is a possibility for social media to tempt people to live a fake life. People who upload things on Instagram are usually uploading their very best moments in life. Hence, others will tend to compare their ordinary day to day lifestyle with the best moments of Instagram users. This can force them to live a fake life. There are people who become popular on Instagram overnight. However, not everyone has the opportunity to be like that. This can also tempt people to create a fake life. This makes Instagram a toxic social media network as well.




If you are about to use Instagram, you should be aware of these advantages and disadvantages. Then you can learn how to get the most out of Instagram without exposing yourself to disadvantages.

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