What are the Pros and Cons of Living in NYC?

Today, we’re going to break down the benefits and drawbacks of living in New York City for those who have dreamed of fleeing their entire lives. I moved to New York City almost 20 years ago from across the country, with a native New Yorker accompanying us to obtain a different viewpoint. As a native New Yorker, I like the city, but I’m going to list a few drawbacks that may cause you to dislike it.

Below we go over the pros and cons of living in the great city of New York.


The first pro we’ll mention is food, which is the number one complaint many people who leave New York have. We may start with the basics: bagels, pizza, and pastrami sandwiches, which are difficult to obtain anywhere else than New York. But if you’ve been following my channel for a while, you’ll know that I also like to focus on ethnic food, and you can get food from all over the world here; I’m not talking about your typical Thai restaurant in the middle of America.   The greatest thing is that there are many communities from these nations in New York. So you know they’re going to make their ethnic food as nice as possible for the local people that have relocated here, which is beneficial for you. One of my favorite things about New York is the ability to eat food from all around the world.

It’s Expensive

The first is about the expense of living, and it is undeniably costly to live in New York, and this is by far the most significant factor that draws individuals away from the city. I believe you have rented a residence. You may pay up to two thousand dollars every month for something as simple as a one-bedroom apartment, and you spend half your wage on it.

You have a place to live, but you don’t have much money to spend on anything else, and it’s not just housing expenditures; things like childcare are also pricey. Going out to dine may be rather expensive. If you want to spend a lot of money on groceries, head to Whole Foods. Don’t go to Whole Foods; instead, go to Trader Joe’s, which is a far better deal, or your local grocery shop. If you think Trader Joe’s is too lengthy, you have to adore New York because you get bizarre items like this two eyes and a nose on a hat.


Variety of Areas and Scenic Places

Would you consider random tree trunks to be an advantage or disadvantage of New York? I’m not sure, but I believe it’s a pro. I believe a significant pro of New York City is the large amount of neighborhoods there are, hundreds of them, and I’m not just talking as a tourist, because that’s a benefit simply visiting New York, but if you move to New York, your possibilities of where to live. I mean, we’re in Park Slope, Brooklyn right now, and it’s fairly ridiculous.

A lot of brown stones provide a modest appeal to it. It might feel like a miniature city within New York at times, yet you can live near the beach. You could live anywhere in Queens. That’s how I actually feel. They have suburban sections up there, similar to the suburbs, and, unlike other mid-tier US cities where there may be,

Crime Rate

If you ask any New Yorker, there are one or two areas or suburbs where everyone wishes to reside. You’ll receive a variety of replies when you ask what the best neighborhood to live in is. Okay, OK. The following con is criminal. Although I believe that New York Place is a generally safe city, the crime rate has increased in recent years, as evidenced by the news and a walk through the streets. I mean, when you walk around the streets, I see more and more.


There are more mentally ill individuals and homeless people out now, people who may make disruptions in some locations, but you simply have to be careful where you go in the suburbs or rural regions of the United States. You are not required to deal with such issues. I know a lady, and I’m not worried about crime in the neighborhood, so that’s a plus. I’m aware of my walking abilities. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world for walking anywhere. Only one other exception.

Reliance on Cars

One of the things I regret about living outside of New York City is not having to rely on your automobile for every small journey from where I reside in Park. Within five minutes on the slope, I can walk to practically anything that you would normally have to drive to.

Walking is an Advantage that NYC offers!

Walking around keeps you healthy as well. It allows you to chat to your neighbors, connect with others in the neighborhood, and see what’s going on around the corner, so New York City stinks. Well, I’m not sure. Is it true that New York’s weather stinks? I mean, it’s 75 degrees outside, but you never think about it because it’s so humid. You already feel like you need to take a shower. I mean, it’s that horrible, and on the other hand,

Winter Could be Brutal

On the other hand, winter may be severe. Blizzards can occur, and sometimes it is not just the snow that is a problem, but also the freezing rain. That truly bothers you and makes you feel terrible; just be careful when it gets cold, since you’ll need a lot of clothing.

Pros & Cons of Living in NYC
Pros & Cons of Living in NYC

24/7 Transportation

New York is a 24-7 metropolis that began with the subways and is today one of the few large cities in the world where the subway always runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if it was briefly shut down overnight.

Night Life is Best

Four o’clock in the morning is the last call for bars. The majority of us are only awake around 2 a.m. and even eat late at night. I returned from the airport a few weeks ago. It was 11:30 p.m. or midnight when I opened one of my meal delivery apps and discovered that there were only around ten options.

Places that are ready to provide meals straight away. So, if you prefer to dine late, you may go out and discover eateries that are open late and provide late night delivery. One of my own small favorite things about life and a terrific way to spend time in New York City. Forming relationships or long-lasting friendships in New York City might be tough since the city is full with people who are driven to achieve.

Ambitious Atmosphere

Very career-driven, but I find that a lot of individuals don’t take the time to build long-lasting friendships or enter into like relationships with each other. I’ve even experienced this myself when I was dating; I arranged a few dates and I had the dates. Cancel on me because, well, I’m working overtime today or I have this project that I really need to finish and it’s just one of those frustrating things where people choose their profession over their relationships, airports I’m someone who likes to travel, maybe

Three Airports in NYC (We are including Newark in NJ)

If you relocate to New York, you must fly. There are three airports near New York City: JFK, Newark, and Laguardia. They travel all over the globe, they’re significant hub locations for many different airlines, and if you want to go someplace, if you can’t fly straight from New York, chances are you’ll have one stopover at the most if you live near any of the New York City.

Airports are a huge benefit if you want to go anywhere in the globe, and we can change that. If you have friends who want to come visit you, they can fly into JFK or Newark and possibly travel to your place quite fast, putting you in a highly central position. If you want to travel, New York City is filthy. I mean, just going down to the subway, you’ll see the tracks are brown and there’s stuff in there you dont want to ever see again!

Garbage can be nasty

If you take a trip around midtown Manhattan, you’ll notice garbage overflowing, and if you go late at night, you could encounter some unwelcome four-legged animals, which may or may not be visible, and what the dirtiness that comes with it. The odors of summer, I mean you go past a pile of rubbish, and on a hot summer day, that garbage can be crazy stinky. I mean you don’t know what’s in those garbage bags, but when it’s roasting in there and those garbage bags are roasting, that garbage can be freaking nasty.

You’re going to be smelling it and wishing you never walked down that street again so culture, you know a lot of trends in fashion and art start right here in new york city I mean hamilton, for example, started here now: it’s touring all over the united states, and if you want to see shows broadway usually has dozens to offer. It will return in September, but even if we ignore Broadway, we have off-Broadway.

Broadway Shows

Off-Broadway demonstrates the capacity to attend and support. New York City’s artistic scene is absolutely limitless. Let’s go right to the music, from modest venues to large stadiums and arenas. If you have a favorite musician who is traveling, chances are they will be performing someplace in the New York City region, and the same is true for sports teams. Every major sport has at least one team, usually more than one in the New York City region, and if you live someplace else and your favorite team is playing, you may watch them online.

Vibrant Culture

They’re going to be in New York City at some time, and don’t even get me started on museums, because no matter who you are, New York has over 100 of them. Never say this city is lacking of culture, since it is one of its best assets. When you reside here, New York Metropolis might be busy at times; however, this was not the case in 2020, when the epidemic ravaged the city.

Holiday Season

When the tourist season is in full swing and all of the office employees are in Manhattan, you may find yourself strolling like this a lot, especially around the holidays. Like, you go to see the Rockefeller Tree and don’t even get me on the metro, and then there’s someone next to you with smelly armpits or sweating heavily, and it’s like, give me some room. Man, there is no place available for networking, regardless of your sector.

NYC is the Hub of Careers

Is it true that I am unfamiliar with fashion, journalism, and finance? This is the hub, I’m telling you, New York City is the location where individuals come to do big things, and this is a terrific place if you want to network with others in the same situation as you and lets. It’s not even about climbing the business ladder; it’s about creating friends. I’m sure action could discuss how tough it may be to

NYC is the Hub of People

Maintain connections, which is correct; nevertheless, there are a lot of choices here as well. My wife and I met in New York City while she was on a one-year exchange program from Mexico. That would not have happened if I had lived in a tiny town elsewhere. So, while relationships might be difficult to sustain, there are also many possibilities to succeed, don’t get me wrong. New York is an example.

Wildlife May be Lacking But…

You won’t see much wildlife other than a few birds and local neighborhood squirrels since it’s noisy. The really attractive spots are at least 45 minutes away by car or a rail journey to places like the Hudson Valley or the Jersey Shore. Dont. Come to New York City if you want to see nature; one of the city’s big advantages is the number of tiny, locally owned enterprises. Look at what I’m walking past right now on 7th Avenue Park: slope neapolitan pizza and the Spot Wine Store.

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