NIO Day and Beyond – Nio Launches Electric Sedan

Will Nio Grab the Hearts of the Electric Vehicle Consumers?

The following items below are highlights based on Nio Day in 2021. Nio unveiled a lot of new highlights for 2021 and 2022. Nio looks to compete against Tesla, especially as the battleground for China’s electric vehicle market ensues between these two companies. Recently, Tesla began selling its China-made Model Y sport-utility vehicle in the Chinese market. Nio, in its answer to Tesla, unveiled on Nio Day that it’ll compete by expanding its product lineup, attracting more mainland customers.

The starting price for the ET7 sedan will be around $58,378 for the car without the battery pack– which is one of the most expensive components. This can then be leased from the company for $150 per month.


Outside of the new product lineup:

  • Carbon Credit Rewards – A new initiative that allows NIO users to track their carbon reductions and receive NIO points.
  • Fashion Line – A new fashion line for NIO life which makes clothes from the excess materials of the vehicle manufacturing process.
  • 792 NIO chargers, and 177 Swap stations are currently in use, with 1.49 million swaps completed (a battery every 12 seconds). Currently, 66% Of users have at home NIO charger

More Specifically, the Launch of the ET7 Product Line.

New Battery Technology and Aggressive Style.

  1. Nio’s new battery technology will give the ET7 a drive range of over 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) between charge
  2. ET7 will be fitted with lidar sensors – which help the car detect its surroundings, often found in autonomous cars (assists drivers). Tesla uses cameras for driver assistance.
  3. Full size sedan with aggressive sporty styling and a beautiful interior.
  4. LED Headlights as standard, 3 dimensional crystal heartbeat rear lights. 3060mm, 1987mm wide. wheelbase.
  5. BATTERY SWAP 2.0 – Accommodate 3x more batteries than prior generation, with a daily capacity of 312 swaps THAT IS AUTONOMOUS. With one tap of the button the swap will be initiated. With 500 swap stations launching by the end of the year.
  6. New Battery Specifications: 150KW/H SOLID STATE BATTERY. IMPROVES ENERGY DENSITY BY 50%.
  8. Microfiber headliner, with 2 massive glass panels on the roof.
  9. Renewable materials on the inside for finishes. Invisible smart air vents. Acoustic glass for both the front and bank.
  10. Massaging, heated and cooled seats as standard. HUD as standard. NOMI AI assistant. 12.8 inch AMOLED center screen.
  11. WIFI 6 AND 5G ENABLED. 1000W 23 speaker system as standard with 7.1.4 surround (worlds first) AS STANDARD. 500 km , 700 km and 1000km+ range with the 70 , 100 and150kwh batteries.
  12. The car produces 650 HP with a 0-60 in 3.9 SECONDS WITH BREMBO BRAKES. AIR suspension as standard that can predict bumps and prepare the car. 5 STAR SAFETY RATING. 120 degree LIDAR equipped.
  13. Nio, delivered 43,728 vehicles last year, has a market capitalization of over $92 billion — is looking to expand their production into 2021 and 2022.

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