NIO Inc., the Next Dominant Tesla of Asia

Will NIO overtake Tesla as the leading electric vehicle seller in China?

There are patent reveals of Nio’s saloon, flagship model– which is looking to challenge the Tesla Model S: ET7.

There are great expectations for NIO as the direct competitor to Tesla. If NIO can produce and build products greater or in line with Tesla’s flagships model, you can expect shares to skyrocket.

It is expected to be revealed on Nio Day (January 9th) and would unveil the first saloon there. It will be the flagship model for NIO Vehicles.  The ET7 flagship model seems solely aimed at the Tesla Model S. We do not have the details yet on the powertrain, but based on Chinese media and rumors circulating around it – it would be something similar to what the ES8 has: two electric motors with a combined output of 643 hp and 840 Nm, good for a 0-100 in 4.37 seconds and a 200 km/h top speed.

And for the ET7 sedan to compete with the Model S, it would need 400 miles on a single charge least.

This will be a gamechanger and stocks affecting perhaps both Tesla, NIO Inc., and the broader electric vehicle market will feel the impulse of Nio Day, expected tomorrow.

As of now these are where these electric vehicle stocks stand:

[finviz ticker=TSLA]

[finviz ticker=NIO]

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