Sexual Reproduction – 6 Surprising Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Sexual Reproduction:

Sexual reproduction is a type of reproduction that involves mating gametes, sperms, and eggs. The sperms usually come from the male and eggs from the females, and when the male and female mate, the male exerts the sperms that rush towards the female eggs and fertilize the egg. This fertilized egg then turns into a complete organism. This form of reproduction is known as sexual reproduction.

Pros of Sexual Reproduction:

Here are a few pros of sexual reproduction.

  • Variation in individuals: As sexual reproduction involves two different parents that have different individual traits, the offspring that is born due to this type of sexual reproduction will be different from its parents. It will not have all the traits that are similar to its parent, but it will have a cross of traits that are present in both of its parents. Every child born due to sexual reproduction will be different from the other ones.


  • Evolution and adaptation: The difference in individual traits leads to better adaptations that help species survive in an environment. Without sexual reproduction, all the kids will have the same type of DNA and that will never evolve. So, if there happens a change in the environment, it will not be possible for this species to survive because all of its members are exact copies of one another. But due to sexual reproduction, every individual in the species is different and has a different set of traits. That helps it survive within an environment.


  • Protection from diseases: Sexual reproduction alters the DNA of every descendent, this provides more protection against the diseases. Consider a species that has a single type of DNA, without variation, any diseases that can kill one of them can kill all of the members of the same clone. But due to sexual reproduction, the DNA of every individual is different, so every single member will react to the diseases differently and there is a chance that most of the members of that species will survive.

Cons of Sexual Reproduction:

Here are a few cons of sexual reproduction.

  • Time and energy: Time and energy are required to find a suitable match. That is why this process becomes much slower. It takes more time, not only to find a mate but after mating, it requires a lot of time to complete the cycle. That makes it hard to replicate a large number of species within a small time.
  • Single Individuals cannot reproduce: Sexual reproduction requires two individuals, one male and one female of the same species. A single individual or single type of individuals cannot reproduce sexually. That is because it requires the mating of eggs and sperms that are present in different individuals and individual types.
  • Harmful mutations: Not all genetic mutations are good, some mutations that are caused by sexual reproduction, are harmful as well. Sometimes disease-carrying chromosomes pass onto the younger generations through sexual reproduction. This creates a pool of that disease.


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