Technology Use – 8 Important Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of the Technology:

The term “Technology” refers to the application of scientific knowledge and procedures, for practical purposes. The advancement of technology is linked with better living standards for humans. Without technology, Modern human life would have been impossible. But there are a lot of people who are concerned with the more advanced technologies and how these technologies are being used. To some, technology is a blessing, but to some others, technology is a disaster. Below are a few pros and cons of the technology that can help clear this confusion.

Pros of the Technology:

Here are a few pros of the technology.

  • Saving time and energy: Technology has helped humans make processes faster, and automated. This resulted in saving a lot of time and energy. Industrial processes are now controlled with computers and advanced technologies, that are providing better output and are helping minimize the loss of energy.
  • Better communications: Without technology, humans would not have been able to communicate to long distances. The use of modern technology in the field of communications has helped communicate better. Now we can talk to a person living thousands of miles away from us and that is only because of the technologies.
  • Improving living standards: There are a lot of different technologies that are helping humans live a better life. These technologies include almost everything that humans have surrounded themselves with. From a simple light lamp to computers, everything that we use nowadays is only possible with technology.
  • Helping in businesses: There are a lot of business applications for the technology, from industries to mainstream businesses. Everyone needs to use the technology in order to increase the production of goods, or keep track of sales of services and every other thing. Almost every process of the business is now controlled using technologies.

Cons of the Technology:

Here are a few cons of the technology.

  • Expensive: Technology is expensive, this is why not everyone can afford it. That is why these people fail to compete with people that are using advanced and modern technologies. This affordability issue creates a further gap between rich and poor.
  • Dependency: Nowadays, almost everything and everyone seems to be depending on some kind of technology. This is creating a very dangerous dependency and reliance on technology. Nowadays nobody likes to remember anyone’s phone number because they can store it in their mobiles, but what if they lost their mobiles? They will not be able to contact anyone.
  • Malfunctions: Technologies can malfunction at any time. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the technologies. Machines that are made using technologies can fail at any time and that will create a huge problem for everyone. For example, consider if a single power generator fails, almost the whole area will go under blackout, or consider if your mobile stops working, everything that you had it will be lost.
  • Job-loss: The modern machines that are made using technology are replacing the need for a human workforce. This is causing a lot of people to lose their everyday jobs.

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