Important Pros and Cons of Adopting a Child (Adoption)

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Adopting a Child

Adopting a baby is the act of parenting and raising someone else’s child as one’s own.
Adoption is undertaken primarily to build a family, whether by a same-sex partner to raise a child as their own or by a woman to solve health issues caused by pregnancy. People want to adopt a baby for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is that the parents are unable to give birth or must abort their child due to childbirth complications. Surrogacy and IVF are two other choices available to parents.

Adoption History

Though the formal word “adoption” was coined much later, the practice has existed since antiquity. Adoption was done in history, specifically in ancient Rome, to ensure a smooth transfer of power.

Many of ancient Rome’s kings were adopted sons of the previous emperor. Children who were abandoned by their parents were often taken to add to the empire’s slave population.

Families without sons in the south Asian region of India and China resorted to adopting a male child in order to fulfill rituals and rites that are only to be performed by a son.
However, adoption patterns have shifted in favor of the better.

Adoption Forms

When considering growing through adoption, a family can choose from a number of options.

Private adoption is one of the most common options for adoptive families. Here, the birth parents and adoptive parents meet, usually via organizations, and a satisfactory agreement for the adoption conditions is made.

The two parties must agree on whether the adoption will be open, in which both the birth parents and the adoptive parents will openly communicate with the child, or closed, in which confidentiality is preserved between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. For selective adoption laws, semi-open adoptions are also allowed.

Special Needs Adoption, International Adoption, Transracial Adoption, Foster Care, and other forms of adoption exist.

In most cases of adoption, three individuals are primarily affected: the adopted child, the adoptive parents, and the birth family.


The Pros and Cons of Adopting a Child

Adoption, like any other coin, has two sides: the positive and the bad. Let’s take a closer look at them.


The Benefits of Adopting a Child (Pros of Adoption)

1. A Warm Residence

The child is selected with a loving heart by his or her parent(s). The treatment that a child receives as a child forms their personality as an adult, and the healthy household that a child is introduced to after adoption guarantees a bright personality.

2. Expanded Opportunities

Many children who were previously confined inside the four walls of orphanages are now open to the outside world, which offers limitless opportunities.
In addition, children are placed for adoption by their biological parents for a variety of personal reasons, including financial difficulties. Adoption into a new family provides the infant with an atmosphere in which his or her interest is fostered by adequate schooling and upbringing, which may have been difficult for the biological parent.

3. A New Member of the Family

Families are delighted with the arrival of a new family member with whom to make memorable memories. Raising a child of their own to whom they can pass on their philosophies and values to future generations is a type of ultimate blessing, particularly for those who may have experienced complications during childbirth.

4. Lower Chances of Poverty

Adoption secures the future of both the birth mother and the poor child by providing the child with a new family that will meet his or her needs and have a stable life. It also encourages the birth mother to further her education, lowering her chances of falling into poverty.

5. Participate in Your Child’s Life

The birth mother will also be a part of the child’s life whether the adoption is open or semi-open. The mother may receive emails, photographs, phone calls, or even meet her kid!
It brings a mother great comfort to know that their child is being raised with love, care, and protection.


Adoption’s Disadvantages (Cons of Adoption)

Adopting a child entails a great deal of responsibility. Raising a child is one of the most difficult responsibilities, and humans are only able to do so because they have so much responsibility for their children. In the case of adoption, the sense of obligation can be lacking at times, posing a significant issue.

Some of the drawbacks of raising a child are discussed below.

1. Difficult Processes

Adoption in the modern world has to be conducted in a very formal and legal way, which most adoptive parents find to be inconvenient. This is especially true in international adoptions, where adoptive parents must frequently travel in and out of the country. It not only takes a long time, but it also increases the overall cost.

2. Difficult to Alter

It is especially difficult for adopted children to learn to adapt to a new family that will be with them at every stage of their lives. It is difficult to put your confidence in new people for all you have. In comparison to their adoptive parents’ own children, the adopted child may feel unwanted or unworthy. This sense of insecurity may contribute to the child feeling lonely and depressed.

3. Crisis of Identity

It has been observed that adopted people often experience identity confusion, especially during adolescence, when one is on a search to find themselves. In closed adoptions, the child may experience an identity crisis due to a lack of knowledge about the birth parents.

4. Concerns about the Future of Relationships

Both the adoptive parents and the child are concerned that the adoption will be unsuccessful due to potential relationship breakdowns. Not only that, but in the case of open adoptions, the adoptive parents are afraid that the birth family will demand that the adoption be terminated.

5. Handling Emotions

Dealing with various emotions related to adoption, such as shame, sadness, and denial, can lead to severe mental illnesses, particularly in the case of birth parents. The lack of knowledge about the child and their inability to initiate a conversation with their own children will make them feel as though they have abandoned their own child in closed adoptions.


Summary of Pros and Cons of Adoption

Every adoption is unique in its own way, and in order for the adoption to be successful, all parties involved in the adoption must be mindful of the benefits and drawbacks of their decisions. This is to ensure that all parties are prepared to face the repercussions of anything, good and bad.

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