Self-driving Cars – 8 Important Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Self-driving cars:

Self-driving cars are no longer a dream, technology has made this possible. There are a lot of companies that are working on self-driving technology for vehicles and have gained substantial success. There are a lot of partially autonomous self-driving cars and some completely autonomous self-driving cars, but the time is coming when we will see completely autonomous self-driving vehicles that will require no driver at all. But are all these cars good, this is something controversial and a subject of constant debate. Below are a few pros and cons of self-driving cars.

Pros of Self-driving cars:

Here are some of the pros of self-driving cars.

  • No human error: When a human is driving a car, there is a higher chance of it making a mistake, using a phone, or anything else that can result in a horror accident. This can cause property damage, and sometimes death of the humans as well. But machines will not make human errors, that is why these self-driving cars will be a lot safer as compared to normal vehicles.
  • Fewer accidents: Self-driving cars will use sensors that will tell them about the surroundings, these sensors will help these cars avoid accidents. Such as if a sensor feels a car passing nearby, it will take your car to a safe place and let the other driver pass. The fewer accident will help save a lot of lives and millions of worth of property as well.
  • No drink and drive issue: Human drivers have a habit of drink and drive, this not only results in horrible accidents but can also cause heavy fines to the drivers. But thanks to self-driving cars, this will no longer be an issue.
  • Freedom for the elderly and disabled: Elderly people and disabled people cannot normally drive a car. These self-driving cars will provide them a better way of transportation.

Cons of Self-driving cars:

Here are some of the cons of self-driving cars.

  • Malfunctions: Self-driving cars are machines, and we all know that machines can malfunction at any time. Consider the sensor of a self-driving car fails when it is on the road. This small malfunction can lead to severe accidents and that can cost both lives and loss of property.
  • Prone to be hacked: Self-driving cars use self-driving software, and software can be hacked. So, cybercriminals will be a bigger problem. As they can hack and control anyone’s car and take them anywhere and can also force them to pay ransoms.
  • Job loss: self-driving cars will cause the loss of jobs for a lot of drivers in the world. Cab drivers, bus drivers will no longer be required. This will create more poverty, more joblessness in the world.
  • Large scale accidents: When an accident happens by a human, humans have the ability to control the scale of the accident, such as removing the car from the road to a side, but the self-driving car will not do any such thing. So the scale of these accidents will be much larger.


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