Top Stellaris Console Command Cheats Guide [2021]

Console Commands and Stellaris Strategy

The in-game console is usually accessed by pressing the tilde or the key, but Shift + Alt + C can also be used. As in all modern Paradox games, you can only reach the in-game console if the following conditions are met: The use of these commands is considered “cheating” for performance in Ironman mode.

Many commands enable you to define the target by ID as well. Stellaris has more distinct ID tags, such as animals, empires, and individual leaders, than other grand strategy games. A full list of identities can be found on the Paradox wiki. It is impossible to have anything here. There is a more detailed list here, especially for event IDs.

You can also get the required ID by typing ‘debugtooltip‘.
Then, with the mouse, point to the game feature.

You can also get the specific ID you need by typing: ‘debugtooltip‘Then place the cursor on the game element.

Top Console Commands List

  • activate_all_traditions – Activate all traditions amount
  • activate_ascension_perk [name] – Activates the specified amount Ascension benefit
  • activate_tradition [tradition id]– Activate the specified amount tradition
  • add_anomaly [anomaly id] – Adds the specified amount of anomaly to the selected celestial body
  • add_intel [target] [amount] – Add the required portion Intel to the target. The default is 10.
  • add_opinion [source] [target] [amount] – Increase the opinion of one empire by the desired. The default is 40.
  • add_relic [relic id] – Adds relics / write everything in place of specific ID – granting all relics. You can add the same relic multiple times
  • add_spynetwork_value [target] [amount] -add to amount of Penetration progress to [target]
  • add_trait_leader [leader id] [trait id] – Adds characteristics to the amount of specified reader. If you enter only the reader ID, all characteristic IDs for that class will be displayed. Covnversely, Can be used remove_trait_leader [leader id] [trait id]
  • add_trait_species [species id] [trait id] – Add traits to the selected species.Can also be used remove_trait_species [species id] [trait id]
  • ai – Turn AI on and off
  • alloy [amount] – Add the required portion of alloy. The default is 5000.
  • build_pops [amount] – Add portion of robot pop to the selected planet. Only works if the empire has the skills to build robot pops
  • cash [amount] – Add the portion of energy credits. The default is 5000.
  • communication – Establish communications with all/select empires
  • create_navy [amount] – Create a portion of fleet with the latest designs that use the selected  % naval capabilities. 1 = 100%
  • damage [amount] – All ships in the selected fleet will suffer the portion of hull damage
  • debug_nomen – AI rejects player suggestions
  • debug_yesmen – AI agrees with player suggestions
  • Effect add_building = [building id] – Add a building to the specified planet
  • Effect add_deposit = [deposit id] – Add portion of accumulation or planetary features to selected celestial bodies
  • Effect add_district = [district id] – Add the district to the planet
  • Effect add_planet_devastation = [amount] – Adds an X portion of devastation to the selected celestial body. You can put negative amount as well.
  • Effect country_add_ethic = [ethic id] – Add the selected ethics to the from country
  • Effect country_remove_ethic = [ethic id] – Remove the selected ethics from country
  • Effect force_add_civic = [civic id] – Add selected citizens to the player country
  • Effect force_remove_civic = [civic id] – Remove selected citizens from the player country
  • Effect remove_modifier = [modifier id] – Removes the selected qualifier from the selected planet. Delete the countryif it is not selected
  • election = Start ruler election
  • end_senate_session – Pass / fail the resolution currently being voted on
  • engineering [amount] – Add x engineering tech pts. The default is 5000.
  • Event [event id] – Trigger the specified event
  • federation_add_experience [amount] – Add portion of experience to the federation. The default is 1000.
  • federation_add_cohesion [amount] – Adds the cohesive force of x to the federation. The default is 200.
  • federation_examine_leader – Trigger federation inheritance
  • finish_research – End all active investigations
  • finish_special_projects – Finish all special projects
  • finish_terraform – End all terraforming process
  • food [amount] – Add x amount of food, default 5000
  • force_integrate [target] – Integrate the target empire into the player’s empire
  • force_senate_vote – End the current Senate break
  • free_government – Toggle allows players to change governments without time limit
  • free_policies – Switch to allow players to change policies without restrictions, including previously disabled policies
  • Impact [amount] – Added influence of x, default is 5000
  • Instant_build – Switch construction and upgrades to finish immediately.WARNING: This also applies to enemy AI, so it is only used during pauses
  • Intel – You can see the entire galaxy and disable the first contact while active
  • invincible – The player’s ship is not damaged
  • max_resources – Fill all amount resource storage
  • mineral [amount] – Add x amount of minerals, default 5000
  • Own – Take ownership and control of the selected fleet, Starbase, planet, or specified planet ID if nothing is selected
  • Physics [amount] – Add x physics tech points. The default is 5000.
  • planet_class [planet class id] – Change the selected celestial body to a new class via the class ID
  • planet_happiness [amount] – Add a modifier with x amount of happiness to the selected planet. The default is 100.
  • play [empire ID] – Switch player control to the specified empire
  • research_technology [technology id] – Instantly investigate specific technologies
  • skill [amount] – Add x amount of skill level to all leaders under player control. The default is 1.
  • skip_galactic_community_cooldowns – Can suggest solutions from the same group without cooldown
  • society [amount] – – Add x amount of social technology points. The default is 5000.
  • Research – – Investigate all planets and need at least one science ship
  • techupdate – – Reroll currently available technology choices
  • Unity [amount] – – Add x portion of Unity. The default is 500.
  • Unlock _edicts – Unlock all edits/decree
  • Branch – – Take ownership of the selected branch office of the selected planet
    threat [amount] – – 
    Add x amount of menace/threat, default 5000
  • imperial_authority [amount] – – Add x quantity of Imperial authority. The default is 10.

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