Artificial Intelligence (AI) – 8 Thought-Provoking Advantages and Disadvantages

Artificial Intelligence – A Blessing in Disguise or Existential threat?

Everything in the world is based upon the principle of moderation. In other words, too much of anything can be detrimental and negative to you and the world. When it comes to technology, Artificial Intelligence is no alien to this concept. What is Artificial Intelligence you ask? Well, it is a machine that is able to make decisions without the dependence on human beings.

How does it work ? Scientists and engineer will create algorithms or systems using different software and put in as much information in it so that the algorithm can make decisions. In the field of Artificial Intelligence, the information can now become an action. For example, an Artificial Intelligence has the information in its software (programmed) that the color RED is bad. Now when it sees a RED object, it is designed and has hardware to display bright lights whenever they see something bad. Whenever this Artificial Intelligence sees RED it is marked as BAD and will display LIGHTS. This is one simple and easy example of Artificial Intelligence and its uses.  We can call this intelligent machines now. 

The Significance of Intelligent Machines

The significance and brilliance of intelligent machines is concealed in the science and engineering behind them. With more innovation and technology, machines are now programmed to simulate human intelligence and make rational decisions based upon past information and information it is learning in real-time. Without a doubt, over time, the reasoning ability of AI machines improves with self-correction over time.

There is no hesitation in stating that technology has become part and parcel of our lives. Despite, all the good things that Artificial Intelligence brings, we cannot ignore the warnings that come with such innovation. In other words, with the current automation and integration level, a small mistake can lead to a cascade of disasters. In this article, we will discuss the technological as well as general pros and cons of this innovative field.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

1. Error Reduction

Humans will always remain prone to error. By deploying Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the chance of an error can be reduced or even eradicated. Since the decisions are based upon the previous records, the room for making a mistake decreases exponentially. Machines can perform complex calculations without a glitch. Businesses utilize digital assistants to help them make informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence can make perfect decisions based on the information they have and the way their algorithm is made.  Machines with AI can perfect any human work or decision-making as it continues to be corrected and perfected over time. This will further reduce any errors.

2. Always Available

The biggest difference between machines and human is that humans tend to get tired. Inserting a machine into the picture can pick up a lot of the work where humans fail due to physical limitations. Humans thirst, hungry, and eventually get tired no matter what.

Fortunately, robots and machines programmed using Artificial Intelligence do not wear out quickly. The stability of machines allows companies that deploy them to get laborious tasks completed at a faster pace, especially in industries that are physically exhausting and tired, such as delivery, logistics (think FedEx and UPS drivers), as well as industries such as mining and oil exploration can now be done with ease. The machines can provide the extra push, stability, and hard work without physical limitations.

3. Accurate Decisions

Machines make rational decisions based on pure logic and information that is given to it. Advanced businesses use digital assistants that forecast accurate predictions and save the need for the human workforce.

Often times, human make decision based on information but also can make mistakes because of their emotions. Human emotions change frequently based on how they are doing but machines make decisions devoid of emotions so they can think logically and factually. The progress is not hampered by emotional distractions making them always productive.

4. Life-Threatening Situations

Above all else, we all know that human life is important. Nothing can replace human life and so human safety is also a priority in any company or field. Because of this, there are limitations of what, where, and how humans can do based on human safety. Fortunately, we now can program machines with Artificial Intelligence to do dangerous work that would normally threaten a human life.

Machines with Artificial Intelligence can now venture into uncharted territory without putting human life at risk. This is a tremendous advantage that is often overlooked! For example, we can now have AI-powered machines to study the ocean floor, dismantle mines, test live volcanos, enter radioactive fields and many more tasks that humans cannot perform.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

1. Expensive to Implement

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of companies and people using AI-machines is the fact that it is very expensive. In short, Artificial Intelligence-powered machines are extraordinarily complex and come at a hefty price. Apart from the installation, maintenance and repair can also cost a significant amount. Artificial Intelligent machines will also need scientists, engineers, and technician to keep perfecting it.

Moreover, it requires state of the art hardware and constant upgrading but also software to be improved constantly.  The programs and algorithms need to be updated continuously to keep up with the changing needs and demands. Algorithms and software will require very smart scientists, engineers, and technicians behind it to keep working on it as well. 

2. No Alternative to Humans

Though machines can do tasks and functions perfectly to the standard and way that they were designed to. Unfortunately, a machine, no matter how perfect their algorithms are, can never replicate human beings.

Machines make very rational decisions but do not have emotions. This removes them of morality and ethical values. There are many facets and aspects of life that makes it beauty and perfect and it quires a sense of emotions but values as well. Machines do not have its own values, if they do, they would only learn it factually, logically, and it would not be self-derived. In other words, they only perform whatever is programmed into them, and hence the judgment of right and wrong means nothing to them.

3. Unemployment

The biggest threat to the human race is the takeover by machines. Many people are afraid of this – what happens if my job is taken over by a machine? This a frequent question and something that we continue to see on the news. 

In the future, if humans do not keep up improving their skills or adapt to the changing trend, they will be replaced by machines in no time. With significant investment in technology by the tech giants, the need for human labor has significantly decreased.

4. Lack of Creativity

Machines can never be creative. They can only do what they are programmed to do. Creativity is one area where machines will never be able to match the human brain. Human creativity stems from being sensitive and intellectuals. Humans have senses which machines lack. No machine will ever be as intuitive as the human being.


With all being said, Artificial Intelligence can both be a blessing as well as a threat. There are pros and cons to Artificial Intelligence. It is up to the human race to strike out a perfect balance, understanding the advantages and disadvantages, and see where they can reap the most benefits without depleting the workforce at hand. AI can help aid in the thinking process, exploring uncharted territories, and perform dangerous tasks that humans will never be able to. The race to the future has begun!


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