Top Pros and Cons of JC Penney

JC Penney has been a part of our lives for almost 49 years, and it is a dominant force in the retail industry. However, analysts disagree on whether the corporation has a beneficial or bad impact on our society and economy, with many criticizing it for its reckless approach to becoming the behemoth it is now. Although hearing suggestions from professionals is beneficial, we, as customers, may also have our own opinions about this mega-retailer. Let us examine its advantages and downsides in order to make an educated and sensible selection. Here we review the pros and cons of JC Penney in our society.

List of JC Penney Pros and Advantages:

  1. JC Penney in our Economy

The “JC Penney economy” have benefited American employees and low-income families who cannot afford to buy more expensive items manufactured in the United States. In addition, tax payers fund a portion of the retailer’s employee health-care expenditures. There is little doubt that the company’s price reductions have benefited millions of American employees who work outside the retail business.

  1. A Wide Range of Products 

There will be an area for you to check out at JC Penney for whatever goods you require. You can go to the chain and acquire food for the week, electronics, get your car repaired, and clothing all in one trip. Unlike any other store of its sort, it truly is a one-stop shop. Furthermore, there is no membership cost to participate in order to save money.

  1. Low Costs, Affordable!

JC Penney is well-known for offering products at far lower costs than other shops, which simply implies that purchasing a product here rather than a more locally owned business will save you more money. Other stores are unable to compete with such low prices. Many individuals even applaud this massive retail chain for allowing them to purchase the items they require the most. The firm is recognized for its low pricing, which apply to all of its items, including electronics, food, and everything in between.

  1. Massive Employer in the USA

Based on these figures, this business is the largest private employer in the United States and is critical to the country’s economy. Wal-jobs Mart’s are critical, making it one of the most significant corporations in the world.

  1. Increased Business to Areas

When a new JC Penney location is established, it instantly draws other companies. Customers from the neighboring villages would come into the region to shop and would frequently stay, spending their money at different local centers. If a city does not have such a store, its residents may consider driving to another city that does.

  1. A broader range of business models

JC Penney investors are exposed to a more varied business strategy as the corporation expands into new markets. Though this feature may cause difficulties such as language hurdles, taxation, and other restrictions, it is beneficial to consumers regardless of the language they speak. Furthermore, by operating in various jurisdictions, investors receive exposure to different currencies and middle-class growth in other nations.

List of JC Penney Cons and Disadvantages:

  1. Poor Healthcare Coverage for Employees

JC Penney is a highly regarded household name that has one of the worst health care policies in all of corporate America. To make up for low salaries, it drives employees into government-funded programs like Medicaid, public assistance, and public housing. It has been reported that some of its policies have been modified for the worse since its founder’s death. It is not that the company does not offer health insurance to their employees; it just comes at a high price for workers earning minimum wage.

  1. Inadequate decision-making process

Employees are not invented throughout decision-making. As a result, they are limited in their ability to enhance these retail businesses, even if they may have many suggestions. They just take orders from their superiors and have no voice in the matter.

  1. Tough scheduling

JC Penney’s timetables are a little strange; for example, your days off are split in such a way that you can work a few hours a day. With such an irregular work schedule, many people find it difficult to arrange their personal life.

  1. Micromanagement

Because of the many micromanagement personnel at JC Penney shops, rules are not directly enforced. This might lead to disagreements between employees and their supervisors.

  1. Ineffective management techniques

JC Penney managers are frequently forced to meet specific objectives. This may drive managers to employ shady management methods in order to attain their objectives.

Now, with the above lists of pros and cons, it is up to us to see JC Penney as a positive and negative influence on our society. But, we should be smart in using their services to our advantage and satisfying our needs through them.


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