Valorant Eyes Massive Performance Engine Updates in Patch 2.11

Fans of VALORANT who are eagerly expecting a new patch will have to wait a little longer. Frequent gamers of Valorant have noticed an increase of technical issues related to Valorant’s gameplay. A quick glance at Valorant’ tech subreddits and twitter feed shows a large chunk of user base reporting significant issues since the last patch (2.09).

Valorant Technical (FPS/Performance) Issues Since 2.09

Issues include:

  • Valorant freezes my pc Home Screen
  • Blue Screen Of Death With Vgk.sys Failure
  • Agents not loading
  • Failure to uninstall Vanguard
  • Blue screen with error
  • Mouse not working upon alt tab
  • Random Freezes while Fullscreen only
  • Game frequently crashing
  • FPS issue under 60fps

These are but a few issues that the player base has been experiencing. 

Riot updated fans on the VALORANT patch schedule today, stating that Patch 2.10 will be missed so that the game’s engine can be updated. According to Riot, the next patch will be 2.11, which will be released “around June 8.”

Riot Games to Test & Stablize Valorant Game Engine – June 2021 Release

Riot intends to give the engine patches “enough testing time and a stabilization period” before releasing them, opting out of Patch 2.10 to ensure stable servers. The developers are also likely to avoid making any major balance or server adjustments with VCT Masters Reykjavik beginning on May 24, a day before Patch 2.10 would have gone live. Since this is VALORANT’s first international LAN tournament, missing a patch is a wise decision.


Masters Reykjavik Confirmed to Play on Patch 2.09

Masters Reykjavik will be available on Patch 2.09, which was released last week. The update didn’t involve much agent balancing, only that Viper’s Toxin passive’s instant decay damage from 50 to 30. Riot, on the other hand, added a few quality-of-life enhancements that could make watching professional play more pleasant, such as squad colors on agent skills and increased visual alignment of bullet tracers and impact results.

Valorant Patch 2.11 is set to be released on June 8, 2021, which is less than two weeks away.

Riot Games has missed the 2.10 update, so fans can expect a bigger and improved Valorant 2.11 update. If we’re fortunate, players will even get to see a new lawyer.

Riot Games’ extra time in releasing the upcoming update would also possibly avoid any game-breaking bugs from finding their way into the shooter alongside the patch.

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