WiFi Calling: 8 Interesting Pros and Cons

WiFi (Wireless) calling is a latest addition to the mobile phone technology, it enables users to call directly from one device to another using only a working WiFi connection. It requires no carrier charges.

The WiFi calling is actually a modification of VoIP protocol. The audio call will still require dialing a phone number but it will not require any type of carrier connection. It is being hailed as a modern way of calling. There is a lot of potential in this technology but there are a lot of concerns as well. This articles aims to address both the Pros and Cons of the WiFi calling.

Pros of WiFi calling:

Here are some of the pros of WIFI calling.

1. No Additional charge for WiFi Calls

When you are using a WIFI calling option, it will not require any charges for the call. This is because you will be using the internet connection of your device to make a call. You will only have to pay your WiFi internet bill and that’s it. There is no extra amount required for this.

2. It is Safer

As you already know that everything that is transmitted using a WiFi connection is safe and encrypted. This encrypted data means your call and your voice will also be encrypted and will only get decrypted in the other phone that you are calling. This end to end encryption will make your WiFi calls a lot safer.

3. No Extra Hardware Required

There is no need for extra hardware or software. You can place calls regularly from your phonebook to any number. You do not need a special router that supports WiFi calling or anything as almost all the routers already have this setting.

4. Larger Coverage

WiFi networks are almost everywhere. And you get a wider coverage from the WiFi networks as compared to the local cellular carriers in some cases. This will help you call from the remote areas with only WiFi connection. Though it has a larger coverage, WiFi calling can also have its limitations, see below in the cons section.


Cons of WIFI calling:

Here are some of the Cons of WIFI calling.

1. Not All Mobiles Support it

Although WiFi calling has its pros and cons, it’s still a new technology. Thus, because this is a new technology, it is a feature that is limited in many mobile devices.. The major mobile makers such as Apple, Samsung and Google mobile devices have this option but other mobile brands are working on it. And they do not support it generally, it is still being evolved in the Android space.

2. Connection Issues Can Interrupt Calls

WIFI connections are interrupted when you are not close to the router. These interruptions will impact the call as well. So, if your WIFI gets disconnected your call will drop. That is why this type of calling will not be reliable.

3. Call Quality Issues

Call quality over WIFI calling will be an issue. This is because when you are calling over VoIP, it gets interruptions due to the internet speed. WIFI internet connections speed will impact on your call quality. Let’s say if you are calling and your internet WIFI suddenly slows down, the quality of your call will decrease as well.

4. Limited Range

Unlike traditional calling, WiFi calling has its cons when looking to call outside of the Wireless range. For instance, if you need to drive, you’ll most likely detach from the Wireless network when you move out the range. If you use standard mobile connectivity, you’ll have a greater degree of range.


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