Guide Work Online for Google and Get Paid [2021]

Introduction to Google and Getting Paid:

In this post we will go over methods on working online and getting paid for by Google!

Simple Google Online Jobs Exist!

Google online jobs are the simplest ways to earn money from home and work at your own pace.

To apply for Google work, you do not need to be a highly skilled person with specialized skills. In other words, you are not required to apply for a position at Google. You can work as a freelancer and still get paid according to your efforts, and guess what? This is the million dollar secret. So many people do it, and they do it remotely!

If you ask me why I am so confident that you can make a lot of money with Google online jobs, I will tell you that I have been using Google to earn money online for a long time and have made money without ever going to an office or working for a boss. I can’t guarantee millions but your effort and working for Google online jobs will pay off. Remember, hard work!

Ultimately, I can wholeheartedly suggest that you learn about Google jobs and begin your own career today, which will address your regular questions such as how to work online for Google and get paid without any investment or how to make money using Google without paying a single penny.

Nobody will ask you for money for these Google work, and you will not be required to demonstrate your expertise. You just need to follow some of the basic steps outlined below.


Google Online Jobs Guide: Top 4 Ways to Make Money

When I talk about making money with Google, I don’t mean that Google would permanently hire you. It’s about their fantastic sites, which are free to enter and open to all.

Currently, these are the best ways to make money with Google, easily:

1. Google Adsense is a method for publisher advertisements.
2. YouTube is a website that allows people to share videos.
3. Google Opinion Rewards is a website that collects surveys.

Now, let’s go in-depth to each Google Service:

1. Google Adsense

This is one of the simplest and most trusted ways to earn money online while still being a part of Google.

Yes, when you use Google AdSense, you become a Google affiliate by displaying their ads on your website or blog. You get a 68 percent cut of the overall earnings.

Most online jobs, as well as large corporations such as Mashable and The NewYorkTimes, use this network to monetize their traffic and earn large sums of money.

I’m even using it to make money from my posts, and it’s fantastic.

If you’re wondering how to use Google Adsense or how to get Adsense clearance, here are the exact measures you should take to start making money with Adsense for free:

  1. Build a free blog at (Google’s free blogging platform) or a WordPress site.
  2. Begin by blogging about your favorite topics and sharing those blog posts with your friends. Continue doing so for at least 6 months, and once you see any traffic on your blog, apply for Google AdSense.
  3. Submit an Application for your website. Apply at, but make sure you have a good-looking blog with pages such as a disclaimer, about us, contact us, and privacy policy for easy approval. * Keep in mind, it may take some time before you get approved.
  4. After being accepted by Google Adsense, copy and paste the ad-codes on your site. Now, if anyone visits your blog and clicks on any of the Google Adsense ads, you will be paying for each click as well as 1k impressions separately.
  5. After you’ve earned some money, you’ll need to verify your address, and Google will give you a pin to your postal address. After that, you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings in the bank or anywhere you want via check, Western Union, or eft.
  6. When you get paid, purchase a custom domain and begin posting on a regular basis, as well as spend some time and resources in promoting your blog to increase traffic so that you can begin earning more money. You can also scale your blogging company by creating more blogs with a low-cost website builder.
  7. You can ultimately grow into WordPress and host your website on different platforms. You can also expand your advertising to other ad agencies such as Monumetric, Ezoic, etc.

2. YouTube

This is yet another fantastic platform owned by Google, and it is also free.

You don’t have to be a professional video creator or anything to make money on YouTube; simply start uploading your regular vlogs and posting anything in video format (remember to meet general video guidelines).

Your videos must be entertaining and informative in order to gain viewers and views. You can begin by uploading videos in categories such as how-tos, everyday life, hacks, entertainment, and everything else you believe you are passionate about.

There is no limit on the number of videos you can upload to YouTube, and if you reach 1000 subscribers and more than this number of video views, you will be eligible to qualify for the YouTube partner program.

After being accepted by the partner program, you can begin showing advertisements on your posts, and your YouTube earnings will begin to roll in.

  • You can create a YouTube channel for free, and there are other ways to make money on YouTube, including:
  • Displaying Google Adsense Ads
  • Using Paid Promotions to Upload Videos
  • Adding Affiliated Links and Uploading Product Reviews
  • So there’s no end to the ways to make money on YouTube. If you think this Google online work is fantastic, then sign up for YouTube right now and start your career for free.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

So, I don’t suggest you join this platform if you want to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. This is the least paying option!

As this network will not make you wealthy, it pays in pennies or a few dollars, and it is not as successful as the previous two. You don’t have as much influence over this network as you do over Adsense and YouTube.

However, it is still a choice for people who want to work part-time and only on a trusted platform.

Google Opinion Rewards is a paid survey network that pays you commissions for completing surveys or submitting forms with correct information.

You can begin using this network by downloading the Google service app for your Android or iOS smartphone, which is completely free.

4. Google Jobs

After all, the above three jobs are not limited to you, as anyone with access to those three services will begin working with Google virtually.

I’m going to share a connection with you that will take you to Google’s job openings page, where you can apply for a physical job at Google’s headquarters.

  • Simply go to and check for your desired position; you can also use filters to find a job at Google.
  • On the Google Careers website, you can search for jobs based on your location, qualifications, and degree, as well as work types such as Full-Time Part-Time Temporary Internship.
  • Not only that, but you can also check for job openings at Alphabet (Google’s parent company) through its Organizations such as:
  1. YouTube is a search engine.
  2. Google Fiber is a high-speed internet service provide

So, go ahead and use this Google job search tool to find the job you’re looking for at Google’s headquarters. You’ll be able to thank me later.

If you believe that these four Google jobs are sufficient to earn a dollar, please share this article and I will help you earn more money using these methods in our upcoming blog posts!

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